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Tips for Keeping Medical Costs Down!

By Kya —

If you have been to the doctor recently, and needed an antibiotic, pain medication, any medication rather, you know the cost of medication is ridiculously out of control.  Yes, generics are an option, but not always. And if you have an autoimmune disease or chronic illness, medical costs can be are bananas. Coins just fall out of your pocket!  Therefore, when I ran across an article about keeping medical costs down in the  L.A. Times, and it was good, I had to share their suggestions with you.  See below for five tips by  L. A. Times contributor Lisa Zamosky to help keep medication costs down. For the full article click here.

1. Shop Around- Costs vary depending on the pharmacy. For instance, Walmart and Target have cheaper generics than Duane Reade or CVS. This, of course, depends on the medication, but most of the time Walmart and Target are the way to go.

2. Look for Alternatives- When speaking with your physician always ask if generics are available. We have always encouraged folks to be their own advocates at Pulp Nature. Always be vocal. The adage “knowledge is power” resounds with fervent truth when you have a chronic illness. 

3. Split Pills- This suggestion threw me for a loop. What?! You can really do that? Well apparently according to Ms. Zamosky you can. Ordering a higher dose and then splitting the pill in half can yield a great deal of savings. Our advice- always consult your physician before attempting this.

4. Look for Drug Discount Cards- This is a no brainer! If you don’t have one, stop reading this article and get one.  Discounts can be as high as 80%! Just a note of warning, not all drug discount cards are created equal, and not all drugs can be discounted using cards. That stated, taking the time to search for the right discount card is worth the time and effort. Big savings are in your future if you do this.

5. Watch for Financial Assistance- Resources, such as Needymeds.org  and RXAssist.org, are invaluable when it comes to finding free medications, discount medications, copay programs, free clinics etc.

If we were to add a 6th to this list, it would be to ask your physician to assist you with creating a plan about how to tackle increasing medication costs. Perhaps, there is a less expensive drug alternative, or therapy. As usual, having a great relationship with your doctors (cause we know when you have a chronic illness, ya got doctors not a doctor), is so key to maintaining your health.

What have you done to keep medical costs down? Please share in the comments section below.

Kya Blackstone-Co-Founder of Pulp Nature-Autoimmune Ally

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