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The Benefits of a FitBit

By Rebecca Price

What if there were a way to record your sleep, count your calories, and track your steps, all in one device? Perhaps you have an autoimmune disease and have been required by your doctor to increase your level of fitness for health reasons. Or maybe you just want to lose weight and get into shape. Thankfully, there is now a way to do that with pimped out pedometers like the FitBit series, which features three different products.

The FitBit ZipI have this version of the FitBit, and I love it. It’s the cheapest option, running for $59.95 on the official FitBit website. Not only was I unwilling to dish out twice as much cash for one of the more advanced versions, but the main thing I needed was a reliable pedometer that also counted my calories. This little filly clips onto the waistband of your shorts or even to your bra. With the Zip, you can track the number of miles you’ve walked, steps you’ve taken, and calories you’ve burned that day.

The FitBit FlexThis is a basic, solid bracelet that you wear around your wrist. Not only does it track your steps, miles and calories, but the Flex also tracks your sleep quality and can even wake you up in the morning. It’s also waterproof, so you can wear it in the shower and when you go swimming. This product runs for $99.95 on the FitBit website.

The FitBit OneMy boyfriend owns this model, and he is able to track how many stairs he has climbed along with all of the other features of the FitBit Flex. This product clips to your belt or bra, like the Zip, and is very discreet. This product also is sold for $99.95.

All of these devices enable you to sync all of your information to your online profile, which allows you to accumulate points. You can sync your device through an iPhone or Android device as well as your laptop. Be aware, however, that you have to sync your information for that day before midnight, as its memory is wiped clean every night at 12 a.m.

You can also earn badges based on how many steps you take that day, and you are able to add friends to your online profile to compare your progress with theirs. With the online component, you can even enter what you ate that day to figure out how many calories you consumed and burned. You can set fitness and weight loss goals, and with the FitBit Flex and One, you can also keep a schedule of your sleeping patterns.

These devices can be a huge motivator if you’d like to lose weight or start a more intensive fitness program. Since you are supposed to take 10,000 steps each day, you can keep track of your progress, and if you are under, you can go out for a run to make sure you aren’t sedentary.

But if you’re willing to dish out the cash for this fancy device, make sure you take advantage of all of its features. College students: see how many miles you walk around campus each day. New Yorkers: just how long is that daily commute to work on foot? Stay-at-home moms: hit the gym or go for a run and see how many steps you can squeeze in while the babysitter handles the kids. Insomniacs: track your sleep patterns and figure out if there’s anything you can do to improve it.

Whatever your fitness, weight loss or sleep goals, you can purchase these devices on the FitBit website, or buy them on Amazon.com, which sometimes has better prices.


Image Source: Marisa McClellan


Rebecca Price–Autoimmune Ally

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Born a North Carolinian, Rebecca Price moved to Papua New Guinea when she was 3 and lived on a Wycliffe Bible Translators center there until she graduated high school in 2010. Now a rising senior at Asbury University, Rebecca is a double major in creative writing and journalism with a minor in Spanish. Rebecca is the Executive Editor of her student newspaper, the Asbury Collegian, and a writing tutor at the Center for Academic Excellence. She has had some wonderful experiences during her time at Asbury, including reporting at the London 2012 Olympics through the NBC-affiliate LEX-18. She enjoys bunnies, coffee and AP Style.

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