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Relax and Get Long, Luscious Hair

By Mikaela Weyland-Smith —

Experiencing hair loss? Is your hair is feeling brittle and breaking easily? It could be a symptom of your autoimmune illness (alopecia, lupus, graves disease). I’m sure you have heard every trick in the book about how to grow your healthy hair back. Everything from gross tasting pills to painful injections. Today we are going to take it back to basics. A good head massage. Sounds weird right? It’s not actually as weird as you might think. In order for our hair to grow our scalp needs to have good blood flow and circulation. What better way to do this then to sit down, relax, and treat yourself to a stress relieving, hair growth stimulating massage?

Let’s get started. Find somewhere you are comfortable and can relax like on the couch or in bed. Make sure you have a good 10-15 minutes spare to relax and enjoy this. Start by placing your thumbs on your temples and your fingers on your forehead. Apply a little pressure and release. Move your fingers up into your hairline and once again apply a little pressure.This time move your hands in and out allowing your fingers and thumbs to explore your scalp and see where it feels good.

Continue this same process all the way down your head until you reach the nape of your neck. Be sure not to rush. Really allow yourself to enjoy the massage. Run your thumbs firmly along each side of your spine at the top of your neck. Keep moving down and give your shoulders a massage. Finally place your fingers behind your ears and firmly move your hands up to the crown of your head. Then move your fingers in and out for a really good final massage.

Your scalp may feel a little oily after this, which is perfectly fine. It means you have done a good job!

In a pinch for time? Don’t worry. Even just brushing your hair will give your scalp a little stimulation for the day.


Mikaela Weyland-Smith – Pulp Nature Contributor and Intern – Autoimmune Ally

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About Author

Mikaela is a vibrant 19 year old dancer from Sydney, Australia. She moved to Texas in mid 2012 and discovered her passion for writing. She loves all things fashion and beauty and will be bringing you the latest trends and tips. This autoimmune ally loves hanging out with her friends and baking gluten-free goodies!

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