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Ready to Amp Up Your Yoga Workout with Bikram Yoga?

By Samantha Cowit

If you’ve already tried regular yoga, you may be ready for the new yoga craze..Bikram! Developed by yoga teacher Bikram Choudhury, this new style of yoga combines classic yoga positions and breathing techniques in a 105 degrees Fahrenheit room. It allows you to sweat out a tremendous amount of toxins, while focusing on reaching that point in stability and calmness that typical hatha yoga achieves. Not only does it strengthen joints by increasing flexibility, but it is also great for weight management. Most importantly, it allows you to gain that stability and balance your body needs in order to reduce stress, which is vital for individuals with autoimmune diseases.

Bikram may not be suitable for individuals with MS. While some find it may cause fatigue and/or numbing sensations, others’ bodies are able to adapt to the extreme heat conditions. One way to get rid of the tingling sensation would be to place a water bottle on that area of the body. However, every body works differently! Before adding this new exercise into your regular routine it’d be best to talk to your doctor and get the okay! Bikram may be an exciting experience for some, yet not the solution for others.

After personally experiencing Bikram, I have to say I am definitely a fan. It’s a great way to switch up my usual workout of 60 minutes of cardio that’s followed by weight lifting. I made sure I drank plenty of water throughout the day, including during the class. In the beginning of class everyone started by lying on the floor in a position called “savasana”, which means corpse pose. While lying in this position, the lights were off, which instantly created a peaceful ambiance. After the instructor came in and turned the lights on, we began with pranayama breathing. Some bikram studios play music, however, most don’t. The instructor was super motivated to get everyone in the class to remain in the yoga room for the full 90 minutes, and she targeted each of the 26 positions. There is a combination of standing series and floor series. Each posture sets you up for the following one. The class ended with kapalbhati breathing. Even though it was totally different from my normal routine, I thoroughly enjoyed the class. It made me focus on maintaining stability and created a serene calmness during the class, as well as throughout my day. Many people, including myself, may think yoga is easy and not much of a workout. But Bikram will completely change your perception of yoga.

If you’re ready to try Bikram, just make sure before attending the 90 minute class that you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated all throughout the day. Get ready to sweat like you never have before! Enjoy!


Samantha Cowit–Autoimmune Ally

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Hi! My name is Samantha Cowit and I am 21 years old. I'm currently a student attending The Ohio State University pursuing my degree in Nutrition in Industry. I love everything that has to do with health, fitness, and nutrition. I have a passion for writing, communicating, and interacting with others. I love to cook and bake as well as hang out with friends and family!

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