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Quit It: Become a Non-Smoker

By Mikaela Weyland-Smith —

Smoking is a huge health risk. We all know that it can cause cancer, heart disease and emphysema but did you know that smoking could increase your risk of autoimmune disease? Conditions such as Lupus, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Graves disease are just a short list of the autoimmune diseases smoking can bring on or make worse. So now you have yet another reason to quit and get yourself healthy.

There are loads of great products out there to assist you in quitting such as patches, gum, and therapies but what about an app?

Quit It is an easy to use, free app that helps motivate you to stay on the non-smoking path. Start by filling out a few simple questions such as how many cigarettes you typically smoke a day, how much your cigarettes cost, etc. From the moment you press “go” Quit It counts how long you have been smoke free. The app will also tell you how much money you are saving, how much tar you have stopped from entering your system, and how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked.

It is so rewarding to see exactly how long you have been a non-smoker and how you are helping yourself.

On top of all those great features, Quit It can also tell you what health benefits you will typically be experiencing. For instance, a person who smokes about 10 cigarettes a day will have amazing results in less than two weeks. The results include their pulse rate and blood pressure dropping to normal, the risk of a sudden heart attack decreased, and their sense of smell and taste beginning to return to normal. The app will keep you informed of which health benefit you are working towards each step of the way and how close you are to achieving lowered health risks similar to someone who had never smoked.

If you are finding it hard to quit, this app will help motivate you to stay on track. So go to your app store and download this health app today!


Mikaela Weyland-Smith – Pulp Nature Contributor and Intern – Autoimmune Ally

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About Author

Mikaela is a vibrant 19 year old dancer from Sydney, Australia. She moved to Texas in mid 2012 and discovered her passion for writing. She loves all things fashion and beauty and will be bringing you the latest trends and tips. This autoimmune ally loves hanging out with her friends and baking gluten-free goodies!

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