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The Perfect Online Gifts for Autoimmune Mom

By Kaitlyn Bader —


Mother’s Day is almost a week away!  It’s not too late to give your mom, grandma, aunt, or family friend the perfect gift!  But, autoimmune moms are a little different than other moms.  Their health is more of a concern, for starters. So, immunity hindering gifts like artificial soaps and gift cards to formaldehyde exposing nail salons don’t support them.  Try one of the following online gift options for quick shopping, and the perfect gift that supports mom and her autoimmune disease.

Natural Cosmetics

Help mom ditch the unnecessary chemicals & BPA bottles with 100 Percent Pure.  This week their “Pamper Your Mom” kit is on sale.  See it here.  Order over $50?  Enjoy free shipping & samples.

Allergy Conducive Perfume

Unlike the expensive designer perfumes, natural brands like Pacifica will not give mom a migraine or irritate her sinuses.  Plus, Pacifica is made with natural ingredients like essential oils, which have been scientifically proven to enhance mood.  Check out Pacifica’s Mother’s Day gift sets here for mom (or you).


For those that feel gift cards are impersonal, perhaps you’ve never been gifted a massage.  The relaxation a massage brings is a surefire way to make any mom happy, especially one with autoimmune disease.  Help her shed the toxins from having raised you (just kidding) with a Massage Envy gift card or a gift card from your local masseuse.  A little expensive?  Go in on it with your sibling(s).

Something Practical

Get Mom something durable that will make a regular task easier for her.  The Pill Holder, for example, makes taking meds a cinch with their high quality stainless steel pill holders that fit on your keychain.  No only are these the best on the market, they’re also affordable.  No more cracked pills or clunky pill box.  They also donate 5% to autoimmune disease research.

Art & Entertainment

Buy tickets to a museum, comedy show, music, theatrical, or sporting event. Comedy and music are classic ways to relax.  Check your local comedy club’s website for a Mother’s Day deal or a nearby jazz club (can anyone really say “No” to soothing saxophone?).  Some museums like the MET have affordable admissions (a recommended $25 donation) and mom-appropriate exhibits, like CHARLES JAMES: Beyond Fashion, running during Mother’s Day.

No matter what you give your Autoimmune Mom, she’s sure to be grateful for it.  But, even if you can’t afford a gift, make her a card or a coupon to clean the house for her or give her a free lesson in texting, or cook her breakfast in bed.  Being a mom takes a lot of courage, but being an autoimmune mom takes grace and commitment.  She was always there for you despite a (sometimes) debilitating condition–remember her for that.



Kaitlyn Bader-Autoimmune Ally

Photo Credit: “Your mother was right, so send her an e-card” by Libby Levi for OpenSource.com on Flickr.


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