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Organic Beauty Essentials

By Hannah Tice

Between long airplane flights and hours in the pool, we’re stocking up on these must have organic beauty essentials. Think of it as a first aid beauty kit for radiant hair and skin.

1. RMS Lip2Cheek We love mulitasking beauty products and this organic lip stain from RMS is no exception. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek gives color to lips and cheeks using a nourishing, hydrating formula that features organic ingredients that benefit the skin. Unlike most blushes, the coconut oil in Lip2Cheek makes skin look dewy, vibrant, and youthful. This easy-to-blend product leaves behind beautiful color that you can build up according to your preferred intensity.

2.The Honest Company Body Oil Organic jojoba, tamanu, olive, avocado, & sunflower oils nourish and moisturize skin with this light body oil. Even though this product prtotects and nourishes skin for all ages, it’s especially useful to massage on newborn babies and moms’ bellies. Apply after a shower or bath for silky and soft skin. Try one of The Honest’s Company’s free trials to experience some of their other amazing beauty and health products.

3.Kora Balancing Rose Mist  Organically grown Rose, Noni, Aloe and Hibiscus nourish and replenish skin with this refreshing rose mist. “This unique combination provides the skin with antioxidant protection known widely to assist in supporting the skin’s own collagen production.” Keep skin hydrated this summer by keeping this mist on you at all times. Think park, airplance, picnic … wherever you go. It’s a much needed drink for thirsty skin.

4. Pura D’or Argan Oil Shampoo Pura D’or Tranquility Argan Oil Shampoo makes hair silky like no other product. Organic argan oil, ylang ylang oil, imported amla oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, lavender, avocado and other natural extracts help gently clean, increase texture, add body , and give hair a natural shine. Washing your hair with this shampoo before bed will prepare you for peaceful slumbers as the aroma of lavender and rosemary surround your head.

If hair prevention is on your mind, try Pura D’or Argan Oil Shampoo for Hair Loss. With natural ingredients like biotin and niacin, this powerful shampoo strengthens hair and nourishes follicles. Advanced DHT blockers (DHT is a hormone which causes hair loss) resuscitate lifeless hair.

5. RMS Living Luminizer There’s a reason why everyone from J.Crew models to Kate Bosworth love this product . “RMS Beauty Living Luminizer adds instant life to dull, dry skin as its creamy, non-greasy formula spreads easily and evenly over the facial contours. Formulated to enhance the eyes, cheeks, collar bone, shoulder or any other body part that deserves its turn in the spotlight, it’s a subtle way to enhance youth and vibrance.” Dab on top of your cheekbones, brow bones, down the bridge of your nose and even on the bow of your lips to achieve a luminous glow.

organic beauty essentials


Hannah Tice-Autoimmune Ally

Photo 1: Net-A-Porter


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