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Motivational Monday: Wendy Williams & Graves Disease

By Jessica —

How you doin’? (Please insert a Wendy Williams accent when performing this basic greeting for a touch of fabulousness!)

Love her or hate her, Wendy Williams is a force to be reckoned with it. There is no subject matter she won’t discuss on her hit talk show The Wendy Williams Show including her battle with autoimmune thyroid condition Graves Disease.

Other than her brilliant, bombastic behavior, Wendy is most known for her amazing wigs! Long, thick and usually a blondish/brown shade, these wigs make a grand entrance of their own. Wendy began adorning herself with these lavish hair pieces when her naturally thin hair began falling out as one of the classic symptoms of a thyroid problem. Other symptoms of Graves Disease include anxiety, excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, unexplained weight loss and bulging eyes.

“I thought, thank God, my metabolism has finally caught up to my ravenous appetite,” Wendy told Real Health magazine about her weight loss. “I loved the way I looked. But besides the sweat, my eyes looked popped out a lot. It was brought to my attention by my family, so I went to the doctor.”

Today, Wendy handles it all like a champ! She’s become even more famous for her collection of wigs. She has one for every occasion- car washing wig, airport wig, child’s birthday party wig, and so forth! There’s no shame in her glamorous game! In fact, just about everyone in entertainment is doing it! So, take a page from Wendy and motivate yourself to the nearest wig store and pick one out, have it styled by a hairdresser and keep it movin’!

Jessica Ann Peavy-Co-Founder-Multiple Sclerosis

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