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Motivational Monday: Soapwalla Creator Rachel Winard

By Hannah Tice

In our search for the perfect natural deodorant, we have tried a lot of products. Apparently, tons of beauty editors have too. Even Portlandia (a TV show that parodies life in Portland, Oregon) did a segment on deodorants that leave you smelling, well, au natural (in the way that dirty socks are au natural or forgetting to brush your teeth is au natural)

What we found was one deodorant to rule them all. It’s created in Brooklyn and uses only the best clays, powders, and essential oils to leave you smelling even better than au natural. Thanks to Soapwalla, you can actually feel fresh from a natural deodorant.

Little did we know that the creator of this effective and therapeutic product had a remarkable journey to find her current passion.

Rachel Winard was a classically trained violinist at Juliard before she left for Columbia Law School. After graduation, she had a short and intense career at a big law firm.

Then, in 2002, she was diagnosed with systemic lupus. Her skin rebelled against products with chemicals, fragrance, and additives. In her search to find soothing skincare, Winard experimented in her kitchen. She refused to put anything on her skin that she couldn’t put in her body. She truly lived the motto “you are what you eat” or the lotion you rub. Winard’s small cosmetic cooking sessions turned into a complete holistic face and body product line that is now available to the public.

Things looked pretty good for the beauty guru until 2006 when a lupus flare landed her back in the hospital. Winard was forced to take a cocktail of powerful chemicals like chemotherapy and steroids. Feeling defeated, Winard searched for holistic healing abroad.

Having an Eat Pray Love moment, she moved to India for four months to pursue Ayurvedic treatments and ashtanga yoga. It was life changing to say the least. Her time there cemented her view on aromatherapy and whole-body nutrition. Her skincare line is even better for it.  Knowledge from New York to India created what Soapwalla is today: a highly effective and diverse skincare made with healing plants and foods that soothe and nurture your largest organ.

Things we’re currently craving:

Currently Craving

Soapwalla’s Coconut and Lime Lip balm (sounds like a tropical drink but but works as serious protection for dry cracked lips)

A refill Deodorant Cream (we’re hooked)

Recover Hand and Body Wash (Lavender and euchalyptus essential oils calm and alleviate soreness)

(We would totally get the Indulgent Bath Soaking Salts if we didn’t share our bathroom with multiple roomates)

Follow Winard on her blog to get the latest Soapwalla news (rumor has it that she even teaches yoga specifically for lupus patients. That is one rad chic).

Hannah Tice-Autoimmune Ally

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