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Motivational Monday: Actress Tichina Arnold,We Win Foundation

By Jessica —

Pulp nature wouldn’t exist without my Autoimmune Ally, Bestie, and amazing co-founder Kya Blackstone!
It is our Allies (family, friends, colleagues) who hold us together when things get REAL!

I first met Tichina Arnold from my mama’s sofa back in 1992 when she played Pam on the hit tv show Martin!

No wait…sorry, that’s not right! Let me start over! I first met Tichina Arnold when I was just a tiny tiny little 4yr old girl whose mother took her to see Little Shop of Horrors on the big screen! I loved her in the singing trio! I loved the movie! I loved everything about it.

Then, as luck would have it, I ran into her again in my twenties on the hilarious show Everybody Hates Chris! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every single episode! I often cried laughing at her as the┬ácrazy, yet loving mother Rochelle!

Now, I’ve seen her again! But this time it feels more intimate. She’s not playing a character in a musical or comedy. She’s being REAL! A very REAL autoimmune ally. The sister of a brave woman who’s managing seven different autoimmune diseases including Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. It doesn’t get any REAL- ER than that! Tichina Arnold, her sister Zenay Arnold and their aunt Evangelist Gaynelle J. Dawson founded the We Win foundation with the mission to help individuals, as well as the families/caregivers who support those suffering with Lupus and other related autoimmune diseases. That means Tichina is my Ally too! I knew there was something special about this woman way back in ’86!

On their site, Zenay shares her story of diagnosis and how she’s still going strong 8 years later, despite a grim prognosis, and working full time for a prestigious law firm! Go Zenay! Please share your secrets girl! And of course, her journey has not been alone, but with supportive sister Tichina and aunt Evangelist Gaynelle J. Dawson by her side! For this reason, on this Monday, we should all be motivated by the Arnold family and their advocacy around autoimmune disease!

Check out the We Win Foundation!


Jessica Ann Peavy-Co-Founder of Pulp Nature- Multiple Sclerosis

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