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Maybe the Rest of the World Has it Right….

By Rebecca Price

On June 26, 2013, ABC News highlighted eleven ingredients that are allowed in food in the United States that are banned in other countries. The list is as follows:

Blue #1 Food Coloring

Blue #2 Food Coloring

Yellow #5 and Yellow #6 Food Coloring

 Red #40

Brominated Vegetable Oil


Potassium Bromate (bromated flour)

Oleastra (Olean)

Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)



I grew up as an expatriate in Papua New Guinea, and many of the things we ate were homemade simply because the store-bought versions were not readily available. My mom always made her own bread, mayonnaise, yogurt, salad dressing, jam, and sometimes even flour. We also had something similar to a farmer’s market, where we always bought fresh fruit and vegetables twice a week. It was obvious whenever anyone from our school came back from America, because they were always much chubbier. We called it “furlough fat.” My best friend is Swedish, and she has come to America several times to visit. When she’s here, she often comments about how big servings are. Do we really need to eat that much? Do we even finish what’s on our plates when we go to restaurants, and if we do, should we be? According to bloomberg.com, America isn’t even in the top 20 healthiest countries! So what is the solution? Until the FDA bans the above ingredients, we all need to put more energy into our eating habits. This is especially important if you have a chronic illness like MS or Chron’s.  We also recommend that you read labels more carefully, soak your vegetables before you eat them, make meals from scratch, and eat organic whenever you can!

Rebecca Price-Autoimmune Ally

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About Author

Born a North Carolinian, Rebecca Price moved to Papua New Guinea when she was 3 and lived on a Wycliffe Bible Translators center there until she graduated high school in 2010. Now a rising senior at Asbury University, Rebecca is a double major in creative writing and journalism with a minor in Spanish. Rebecca is the Executive Editor of her student newspaper, the Asbury Collegian, and a writing tutor at the Center for Academic Excellence. She has had some wonderful experiences during her time at Asbury, including reporting at the London 2012 Olympics through the NBC-affiliate LEX-18. She enjoys bunnies, coffee and AP Style.

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