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Love and Illness — A New Series on Pulp Nature

By Linda Chavers —

If you followed me on Facebook you’d know I post a lot about my personal life, especially when it comes to multiple sclerosis and especially when it comes to the fellas. I find it to be a fun release, and I’m not above relishing the many “likes” either. Still, I’ve always wanted to produce something about dating, romance and chronic illness on PN, but I rarely have more than a handful of sentences to say on it at the time.

Still, Kya recently asked me to feature posts on these highs and lows and I agree it’s time I step things up.

I’ll open with a recent conversation between the man and I. Since starting Tysabri 2.5 years ago I’ve had to scramble to locate infusion centers and let the TOUCH program know my whereabouts when the summer’d roll around and I’d be sans a job, insurance, or address. Some of you may know but the TOUCH program is the Big Brother of medication distribution but that’s for another post. In any case, this summer I’m moving in with the man for a spell between jobs and leases which means letting TOUCH know (like I said, Big Brother), getting authorizations, locating infusion centers where he lives and, most importantly, getting it for free since I’ll have no insurance and this is above the ACA’s pay grade.

Sometimes when I get all immersed in my health management I can lose perspective.  So when the man asked how I was doing and I expressed anxiety over the details of my next immunotherapy…

Him: “Would you get your next dose here?”

Me: “Mhm, you probably don’t notice but there are infusion centers all over any major city for chemo, dialysis, steroids and immunotherapy. Just go in, sit down in a lounge seat, get shot up and chill for a couple of hours.”

Him: “In every major city? Wow. I wonder if they have ambulances and doctors here as well.”

Check and mate, intimate outsider. Check. And. Mate.


Next Time on Love and Illness: how we met, some dating don’ts. yeah, just the don’ts. And that really frustrating dynamic of craving being nurtured like a wet kitten whilst also wanting to be treated like the superwoman you know you are.

Dr. Linda Chavers-Multiple Sclerosis

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