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Juice It Up!

By Samantha Cowit

Recently, I discovered a new juice bar that opened up in a town next to where I live. Unlike any other juice bar I’ve been to before, Elixir Juice Bar offers only the freshest flavors, boosters and supplements. Their juice not only tastes good, but also has immense health benefits. Elixir believes that what you put in your body matters. Their gluten-free and dairy-free options are sure to accommodate and satisfy any customer. Whether you get a fresh squeezed juice to help with fatigue or accommodate your allergies, or buy their pre-bottled juice cleanse program, you will experience body rejuvenation. By clearing out the digestive system, getting rid of chemical and toxin overload in your liver, and flushing harmful matter from your kidneys and bloodstream, this juice cleanse creates a fresh start for your body. You’ll feel more alive than ever and know you’re putting goodness into your body.

Unlike many of the juice bars out there, Elixir doesn’t use sorbets, ice creams, frozen yogurts, or unhealthy sweeteners. To make sure you receive the ultimate nutrition, their juices are never pasteurized or flash pasteurized, which often kills live enzymes, minerals and vitamins. There are a wide variety of options to choose from, incorporating vegetables and fruit, that will leave your palate satisfied. With enhancers such as echinacea to aid in boosting your immune system, lecithin to help lower blood pressure and clear up cellulite and acne, you will definitely notice a difference in your body. They also offer liquid bases such as rice milk, soy milk and coconut water.

This juice experience will be different from any other you’ve had. There’s nothing better than knowing something so delicious can have such positive impacts on your body, inside and out. Elixir is located in New York, Connecticut and California. A store will be opening in Texas soon.

Juice away!



Image Source: dana robinson


Samantha Cowit- Autoimmune Ally

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Hi! My name is Samantha Cowit and I am 21 years old. I'm currently a student attending The Ohio State University pursuing my degree in Nutrition in Industry. I love everything that has to do with health, fitness, and nutrition. I have a passion for writing, communicating, and interacting with others. I love to cook and bake as well as hang out with friends and family!

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