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Not Your Grandma’s Herb Garden!

By Kaitlyn Bader —

When I say “herb garden”, you say “Grandma”.  While we have a lot to learn from Grandma, we don’t want to exude her matronly style just yet.  Take a hike, mothballs!  These herb garden ideas are so fresh, your kitchen will look like it belongs to a golden goddess, not a Golden Girl.  (Sorry, Rose!):

1. Chalkboard 

This chalkboard wall potter from Williams Sonoma is multi-purpose & modern.  You can also DIY with an ordinary terra cotta pot and paint it with chalkboard paint!

2. Terrarium

Terrariums are having a moment right now.  “Free Jazz” Saxophonist Ornette Coleman made the unusual planters hip in the 1980’s, but today you can even find them at Target.  Try Pottery Barn for a more high end version, or make your own.

3. Architectural 

Get architectural with Miroir en Herbe’s angled wall planter.

4. Crafty Mason Jars

These painted mason jars are adorable, or craft clear ones to fit into hanging grooves.  For a rustic look, try these from Etsy.  You can also make your own hanging grooves.

5.  Hipster in the House!

Get down with your literary self with these DIY book planters that look like they should be decorating the shelves of Urban Outfitters.  It’s a novel idea.

6. Pick a Cool Pot

Even Summer knows that Ikea is home to the grooviest affordable home furnishings.  From lace to bubbled glass, Ikea has an endless variety of stylish planters, all within a college student’s price range.  You can even make DIY fabric covered pots and pick your own prints!

7. Art School Chic

This gorgeous chandelier holds plants where candles would ordinarily go.  Or, use your own recycled paint cans that feel like they came from Andy Warhol’s Factory.

Enjoy your youthful, hip herb garden Pulpie!  Everyone could use a stylish reminder to eat their vegetables.  Stay Golden!

 Kate Bader-Autoimmune Ally


 Photo Courtesy Of:

1.  Wicker Paradise:  Betty White, the “Grandmother” of Rattan Furniture style via The Golden Girls is doing what she does best! Staying Golden… http://http://blog.wickerparadise.com (Taken with GifBoom)

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(1) Reader Comment

  1. April 16, 2014 at 1:50 pm

    Haha LOVE this – especially the Hipster in the House ;) The herb garden from William and Sonoma is cool, too. Great finds!

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