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6 Reasons Why You Need Ginger Tea in Your Life

By Hannah Tice

Ginger is hot. Hello, Prince Harry anyone? I’d gladly have tea with him if only to gaze at his amber locks and blue eyes …

Where was I?

Oh yes, tea. But if you are feeling the blues and can’t have tea at the royal palace, try making your own cup at home.

My favorite is lemon-ginger. Made from lemon juice and ginger root, this drink isn’t a true tea (made from leaves and herbs) but rather an infusion of ingredients in water.

Lemon-ginger is like the fairy godmother of teas. It fights fevers, helps concentration, aids digestion, increases energy, and prevents infection. Check out the list below to see how.

1. Fever

According to Livestrong.com, Ginger “induces sweating which releases dermicidin, a natural antibiotic which helps strengthen the immune system and fight off infections and viruses.”

2. Concentration

The scent of lemon calms while ginger invigorates the mind. Sipping on tea with both ginger and lemon will reduce stress and increase focus.

3. Cortisol Reduction

Livestrong.com claims that ginger also suppresses cortisol production, the steroid hormone associated with stress. An increase in cortisol means an increase in belly fat. To help prevent weight gain during moments of pressure, make a cup while studying or before a stressful presentation at work.

4. Digestion

A few slices of ginger before dinner will help stimulate digestion. A 2006 article in the “British Journal of Nutrition  claims that raw ginger stabilizes blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids.

5. Energy

Ginger belongs to a group of herbs and spices known to stimulate the body. It’s effect is similar to caffeine.

6. Infection Prevention

Researchers have found that “drinking lemon-ginger tea will help prevent salmonella and other bacterial infections, thanks to ginger’s active ingredient, zingiber, and the immune-boosting action of the pectin and limonene in lemon.”

See, what did I tell you? Isn’t ginger tea amazing? Now, if only it could make a prince appear …

Yummy Ginger Tea Recipe:


1-inch piece ginger root, peeled

1 large strip lemon rind

6 cups water

1/3 cup honey (optional)

1 lemon, juiced

4 camomile or other tea bags


Slice the ginger into coins. Heat the ginger, lemon rind, water and honey to a boil in small pot. Add lemon juice to hot water and transfer to a tea pot. Add tea bags to pot and steep. Remove bags and serve tea. Yields four servings.


Hannah Tice-Autoimmune Ally

Recipe source:  foodnetwork.com

Image Source: Flickr.com

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