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Get Rid of That Craving!

By Samantha Cowit

Ever get those moments where you crave something sweet or salty? Well, I assure you, you are definitely not alone! I constantly find myself craving something every day. Whether it’s salty, sweet, fruity, or tart, I always find myself wanting to satisfy my sweet tooth the second I start craving something. However, there are ways to avoid this! Don’t let your craving overpower you. With these few simple techniques, you’ll be able to control your cravings and no longer feel guilty about them!

It may be hard to get rid of your craving completely. If your mind is set on it, the best thing to do is just indulge, eat as much of it as you can and be done, right? WRONG. There’s no reason to ruin your entire day and eat more than you should. By having two bites of your craving and walking away you can not only be satisfied, but you won’t ruin your entire caloric intake for the day! You’ll be surprised that after waiting 15-20 minutes from taking those two bites, your craving will be gone!

Another technique is drinking a LARGE cup of water. I know many of you may think this is ridiculous and could never get rid of your craving, but I’m telling you it works! Your body often gets confused between hunger and thirst. By drinking water, your body will become satisfied instead of tricking you into thinking you need more food. Wait a few minutes after drinking the glass of water and you won’t need anything else!

Lastly, chew gum! Whether minty, fruity or even a dessert flavor, gum allows you to stay busy and not focus on your craving. Everyone hates taking out their gum, eating, then putting the gum back in. Keep your mouth busy by chewing gum and you’ll be able to fight off your craving!

All in all, you don’t need that piece of pie or bag of potato chips. It’s all in your head! Cravings come and go, however, you can fight back and take charge. Next time you feel the urge to raid your pantry, try one of these techniques. It’ll be sure to knock that craving right out of your brain!


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Samantha Cowit–Autoimmune Ally

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Hi! My name is Samantha Cowit and I am 21 years old. I'm currently a student attending The Ohio State University pursuing my degree in Nutrition in Industry. I love everything that has to do with health, fitness, and nutrition. I have a passion for writing, communicating, and interacting with others. I love to cook and bake as well as hang out with friends and family!

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