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Be Fabulous with Sara Gorman’s Pillbags!

By Kya —

Sara Gorman’s Pillbags was born out of necessity. When founder Sara Gorman was diagnosed with systemic lupus at the age of 26, she knew there had to be better way to travel with her pills than in a plastic, clunky pillbox. But when she couldn’t find a solution on the market, she decided to invent one.  Thus, Sara Gorman’s Pillbags was born – a line of stylish, fabric toiletry bags for your medication. Today, there are two styles of patent-protected pillbags in an array of bright, colorful fabrics, each topped off with shiny chic hardware.

Designed to carry a week’s worth of medication, the Pillfold features 7 secure zippered pouches, with morning and evening compartments, to keep pills safe, secure and accessible. No more pills in the bottom of your purse, or lost in the corners of a suitcase. The Pillfold is easy to fill and cute to carry. What better way to travel in style!

Also available is the Pillpouch, designed to carry up to six prescription bottles. Hidden inside a stylish drawstring bag, medication will be safe & accessible – and no one has to know what’s inside!

With every Pillbag sold, 5% is donated to charity. For the month of February, all donations will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the charity of choice of Pulp Nature. And be sure to type in “PULP” during checkout on www.pillfold.com to receive an additional 10% off your pillbag purchase. Support the cause and get a dose of style™ with a Pillbag today!

The Pillbags are available at www.pillfold.com, on Amazon.com, and at retail stores across the country. Sara is also the author of “Despite Lupus: How to Live Well with a Chronic Illness”, and blogs about life with lupus at www.despitelupus.com.

Check the photos below:


Pillbags 2


Pillbags 3




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