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BioVeda Light Therapy for Food Intolerances

By Kelly Hultgren

Preface: My mom wanted to write the following post on her success with a new therapy she’s receiving for her food intolerances. She also suffers from Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism, and more recently was plagued by severe food intolerances. After years of eating whatever she wanted, her body now only accepts beef, cooked vegetables, bananas, almond flour, and goat milk. Thanks to her BioVeda light treatments, she’s more optimistic about her future diet.
Kelly Hultgren-Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis-Contributing Writer

In March, I was working out with a new friend at the gym, and she and I both did not feel well that day. We started talking only to find out that we were both suffering from food intolerances, which caused us to feel faint, dizzy, and unsafe with activities such as driving. The truth is, I had been having serious issues with food intolerances for a while. Parasitic infections and having Hashimoto’s disease had wreaked havoc on my gut, leading to leaky gut syndrome. I didn’t have gastrointestinal symptoms as much as I had neurological ones. My friend told me she had just started new treatments with something called the BAX3000 from BioVeda Technologies. It was a laser treatment to assist the body with allergies and food intolerances.

I was intrigued, because conventional medicine, alternative medicine, and special leaky gut diets were not getting me the results I wanted. Therefore, I decided to try the BioVeda treatments. It is a series of 18+ laser treatments, with each treatment targeting a specific food or substance, like eggs, dairy, grains, hormones, enzymes, and minerals. The treatment itself is painless, and only lasts approximately 10-15 minutes. A low-level laser light is passed over the head, spine, and body’s acupressure points. However, you must fast for four hours after the treatment, and totally avoid whatever substance you were treated for that day, for 24 hours. After going through the first series of treatments, I already saw improvements. My reactions to foods were less intense and less frequent. I’m continuing to see improvements, and have been able to add some forbidden foods back into my diet. I’m hopeful that with continued treatments I will be able to eat more normally, and not have to worry about any type of reactions.

Being a nurse, I am always intrigued by the science behind whichever therapy I try. The BAX3000, or BioVeda treatment, is energy medicine. It’s basically quantum physics, which I’ll never understand, but it’s based on the idea that if you can reduce the body’s stress reaction to environmental factors and foods, you will obtain relief. The brain creates associations between stressful events and substances. These associations are generally negative, and lead to chronic and acute conditions – like food intolerances. The treatments try to retrain the brain and the immune system to work together by introducing a positive response. For example, if you can introduce a positive stimulus in conjunction with the negative stressor, like dairy or eggs, the negative associations can be broken, and symptoms and reactions can be reduced or eliminated. The BAX3000 exposes you to digitized frequencies that mimic the frequencies of substances we eat, or chemicals we’re exposed to.

In conjunction with these treatments, I also receive massage and chiropractic treatments at least twice a week. I mainly eat my safe foods, and rarely re-introduce a new food so that I know I can tolerate it. So, you may ask, what does all of this cost, and does insurance cover any of it? I chose to make an investment in my health. Insurance will cover some of the chiropractic care, but for the alternative therapies, I have had to foot the bill, and it is not cheap. But if it results in reduced doctor visits, and most importantly, improved health, then it’s worth it to me. I think it’s important to share the options that are out there, because some of us would never know they existed if not for friends and family offering the information. I’m grateful my friend did.

For more information on BioVeda’s Energy Medicine, and to see if a doctor offers it near you, check out its site.

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