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The Best Holiday Gift EVER!!!!!!

By Kya —

Dear Wonderful Amazing Readers of Pulp Nature,

We have been given the greatest gift this holiday season, and it is…….YOU! Your eyes, your attention, your choice to become apart of our community is more than we could have ever hoped. We are consistently humbled by the rising readership of the site, the encouraging emails that you send, and your absolute commitment to the autoimmune community.

When we first created the site, we were unsure whether anyone would come. We sought to create a space for people managing autoimmune disease, and the allies who support them-a space to learn, to gather and to bring all autoimmune diseases under one umbrella of support.  And because of you, we are a success. We have published over 400 articles this year on topics ranging from recipes to relationships, as well as successfully completed multiple fundraising campaigns. As a result, our community is growing substantially. In 2014, we have even bigger plans. We can’t wait to share them with you as we go throughout year.

Please continue spreading the word of the good news of Pulp Nature. We take our commitment to the autoimmune community very seriously, and are certain that with your help we will make the greatest impact.  Together we can raise awareness, advocate for alternative methods of managing our health in tandem with our medical doctors, and create a better life for people with autoimmune disease and allies alike. Please drop us an email at info@pulpnature.com. We would love to get to know you better.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Jess & Kya, Founders of Pulp Nature

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