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Beach Training

By Mikaela Weyland-Smith —

This summer, take it to the beach to get a crazy good workout. If you live anywhere near a beach you should definitely hit it up this summer. Head out with a group of friends and have fun in the sun while getting super fit. Exercising on the beach can be hard work but it is always fun, and kind of addictive. Check out these beach training exercises that will give you the chance to exercise your bikini body at the beach!

Beach Run

Running barefoot on sand can be a challenge. As the ground gives you very little traction, it takes more effort to run. If you are lucky enough to live near a beach with sand dunes, try running up and down them. It is an absolute killer!

Downhill Sit-Ups

Most beaches are on a slight tilt downward towards the water. Lie down with your head pointing towards the water and your feet facing land. Doing full sit-ups from this position gives you that extra few degrees of motion to work your abs. Dig your feet into the sand if you are having trouble keeping them grounded during your sit-ups.

Water Cardio

Water is perfect for natural resistance training. Start by running along the beach in ankle-deep water. Move on to jogging in water that’s calf- to knee-deep and be sure to pick up those knees! Now, in this knee-deep water do jumping jacks. It is surprising how a little water can make a move like jumping jacks feel like a marathon.


Going to the beach and not swimming seems crazy. If your beach is lifeguard patrolled then head out for a swim and enjoy the light rock of the waves.

. . .

Have fun at the beach this summer and remember to stay hydrated and wear plenty of sunscreen!


Mikaela Weyland-Smith — Pulp Nature Contributor and Intern – Autoimmune Ally

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About Author

Mikaela is a vibrant 19 year old dancer from Sydney, Australia. She moved to Texas in mid 2012 and discovered her passion for writing. She loves all things fashion and beauty and will be bringing you the latest trends and tips. This autoimmune ally loves hanging out with her friends and baking gluten-free goodies!

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