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3 Great Medical Apps That Will Change Your Life!

By Mikaela Weyland-Smith —

I don’t know about you, but I use my phone for just about everything. I have reminders, alarms, and tons of apps to keep me entertained and informed. Recently, I downloaded a bunch of medical apps to see which were the best at making my life easier. After exploring about 15 apps, I narrowed the list down to 3. Check them out and let us know which is your favorite.


PN triage screenshot


iTriage Look up symptoms you are experiencing, find doctors in your area, or find the closest medical facility, all in one app! The app features information about medications and procedures including average costs and possible complications.


Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 8.35.02 AM


WebMD Get information on conditions, symptoms, and medications with WebMD. Discover the side effects for your medications, what to do if you overdose, and what other drugs could possibly interfere with your medications. This app has a great first aid feature that will give you instructions for any emergency medical situation. WebMD will help you find a physician, hospital or pharmacy near you.


PN Zocdoc screenshot


ZocDoc This is one of my favorite apps for finding doctors.  Just type in your insurance provider and what date you would like an appointment.  If you are looking for a specialty doctor,  the app will show you a list of doctors matching the criteria near you. From here you can book an appointment through ZocDoc or get information to contact the physician.   All these apps are free to download so why not check them out today.


Mikaela Weyland-Smith – Pulp Nature Contributor and Intern – Autoimmune Ally

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About Author

Mikaela is a vibrant 19 year old dancer from Sydney, Australia. She moved to Texas in mid 2012 and discovered her passion for writing. She loves all things fashion and beauty and will be bringing you the latest trends and tips. This autoimmune ally loves hanging out with her friends and baking gluten-free goodies!

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